March, 2017 (-)
Date / Time Home Visitor Location Status Score
  13 Mon 5:00PM Deerfield Whitney Young Deerfield CANCELLED  
  13 Mon 7:30PM Marian Catholic Minooka Marian Cat Final Maria 12,  Minoo 4
  13 Mon 6:30PM Naperville North York Naperville CANCELLED  
  14 Tue 4:30PM Highland Park Deerfield Highland P CANCELLED  
  14 Tue 7:00PM Marian Catholic Lincoln Way Co-op Marian Cat CANCELLED  
  14 Tue 7:00PM Metea Valley Co-Op Minooka Metea Vall CANCELLED  
  14 Tue 7:00PM St. Francis Marist St. Franci CANCELLED  
  14 Tue 7:00PM Downers Grove Co-op Naperville North Downers Gr CANCELLED  
  15 Wed 6:15PM Schaumburg Northside Prep Schaumburg CANCELLED  
  15 Wed 5:30PM York Lyons Township York High CANCELLED  
  15 Wed 4:30PM Resurrection Nazareth Academy Resurrecti CANCELLED  
  15 Wed 6:00PM Resurrection Nazareth Academy Resurrecti CANCELLED  
  16 Thu 6:00PM Loyola Academy Fenwick Loyola Aca Final Loyol 20,  Fenwi 3
  16 Thu 7:30PM Marian Catholic Wheaton United Co-op Marian Cat Final Wheat 15,  Maria 10
  16 Thu 5:00PM Montini Catholic Lyons Township Montini Ca Final Lyons 9,  Monti 6
  16 Thu 7:30PM Eagles Co-op Marist Sandburg H Final Eagle 17,  Maris 4
  16 Thu 7:00PM Downers Grove Co-op Conant Downers Gr Final Downe 15,  Conan 6
  17 Fri 6:30PM Evanston Naperville North Evanston H Final Naper 18,  Evans 11
  17 Fri 6:15PM Nazareth Academy Carmel Nazareth A Final Carme 14,  Nazar 3
  17 Fri 7:30PM Conant Eagles Co-op Conant Hig Final Conan 9,  Eagle 7
  17 Fri 5:30PM Glenbard West St. Ignatius Glenbard W Final St. I 13,  Glenb 4
  18 Sat 9:00AM Fenwick Montini Catholic Loyola Aca Final Monti 17,  Fenwi 3
  18 Sat 9:00AM Lake Forest York Loyola Aca Final Lake  9,  York  5
  18 Sat 10:45AM Fenwick York Loyola Aca Final York  16,  Fenwi 6
  18 Sat 10:45AM Lake Forest Lyons Township Loyola Aca Final Lyons 10,  Lake  6
  18 Sat 12:30PM Loyola Academy Lyons Township Loyola Aca Final Loyol 17,  Lyons 2
  18 Sat 4:00PM Metea Valley Co-Op Schaumburg Metea Vall Final Schau 11,  Metea 8
  18 Sat 11:30AM Minooka Wheaton United Co-op St. Franci Final Wheat 10,  Minoo 0
  18 Sat 12:15PM St. Francis Naperville Central St. Franci Final St. F 8,  Naper 4
  18 Sat 1:00PM Neuqua Valley Benet Academy St. Franci Final Neuqu 10,  Benet 5
  18 Sat 2:00PM Wheaton United Co-op St. Francis St. Franci Final Wheat 10,  St. F 8
  18 Sat 2:45PM Minooka Neuqua Valley St. Franci Final Neuqu 12,  Minoo 1
  18 Sat 3:30PM Benet Academy Naperville Central St. Franci Final Benet 9,  Naper 8
  18 Sat 4:00PM Neuqua Valley Wheaton United Co-op St. Franci Final Neuqu 8,  Wheat 2
  18 Sat 4:30PM Neuqua Valley Wheaton United Co-op St. Franci Final Neuqu 7,  Wheat 2
  18 Sat 5:15PM St. Francis Benet Academy St. Franci Final Benet 9,  St. F 6
  18 Sat 6:00PM Minooka Naperville Central St. Franci Final Naper 9,  Minoo 3
  18 Sat 5:00PM Mother McAuley Trinity Brother Ri Final Mothe 15,  Trini 6
  20 Mon 6:00PM Barrington Regina Dominican Barrington Final Barri 12,  Regin 3
  20 Mon 6:30PM New Trier St. Charles Co-op New Trier Final New T 19,  St. C 4
  20 Mon 7:30PM Eagles Co-op Minooka Evanston H Final Eagle 16,  Minoo 0
  20 Mon 4:45PM Highland Park Schaumburg Highland P Final Schau 15,  Highl 1
  20 Mon 5:30PM Oak Park River Forest Naperville North Oak Park R Final Naper 16,  Oak P 11
  20 Mon 7:00PM Vernon Hills Northside Prep Vernon Hil Final Verno 14,  North 4
  20 Mon 7:00PM York Hinsdale Central York High Final Hinsd 18,  York  5
  20 Mon 6:00PM Glenbrook North St. Ignatius Glenbrook Final St. I 6,  Glenb 5
  20 Mon 6:30PM Hoffman Estates Hampshire Hoffman Es CANCELLED  
  20 Mon 7:00PM Carmel Trinity Carmel Hig Final Carme 10,  Trini 3
  20 Mon 6:00PM Glenbard West St. Francis Glenbard W Final Glenb 15,  St. F 8
  21 Tue 6:15PM New Trier Vernon Hills New Trier Final New T 20,  Verno 2
  21 Tue 5:00PM Glenbrook South Lyons Township Glenbrook Final Glenb 15,  Lyons 7
  21 Tue 4:45PM Deerfield Northside Prep Deerfield Final Deerf 16,  North 2
  21 Tue 4:45PM Highland Park Evanston Highland P Final Evans 20,  Highl 2
  21 Tue 6:15PM Montini Catholic Loyola Academy Montini Ca Final Loyol 16,  Monti 2
  21 Tue 6:15PM Nazareth Academy Taft High School Nazareth A Final Nazar 8,  Taft  3
  21 Tue 7:00PM Conant Neuqua Valley Conant Hig Final Neuqu 6,  Conan 3
  21 Tue 7:15PM Carmel Warren Carmel Hig Final Carme 7,  Warre 4
  21 Tue 7:30PM Wheaton United Co-op Benet Academy Wheaton Wa Final Wheat 10,  Benet 9
  22 Wed 6:15PM Evanston Regina Dominican Evanston H Scheduled  
  22 Wed 6:30PM St. Ignatius Whitney Young St. Ignati Final St. I 15,  Whitn 1
  22 Wed 5:00PM Montini Catholic York Montini Ca Final York  11,  Monti 10
  22 Wed 6:15PM Schaumburg St. Charles Co-op Schaumburg Final St. C 12,  Schau 3
  22 Wed 7:30PM Metea Valley Co-Op Neuqua Valley Metea Vall Final Neuqu 14,  Metea 3
  22 Wed 6:30PM Hoffman Estates Trinity Hoffman Es Scheduled  
  22 Wed 6:00PM St. Francis Marian Catholic St. Franci Final Maria 7,  St. F 6
  22 Wed 6:30PM Glenbard West Lake Zurich Glenbard W Final Lake  14,  Glenb 7
  23 Thu 6:15PM Loyola Academy York Loyola Aca Final Loyol 16,  York  1
  23 Thu 6:15PM Lane Tech Taft High School Lane Tech Final Lane  19,  Taft  2
  23 Thu 6:00PM Libertyville Glenbrook North Libertyvil Final Glenb 17,  Liber 3
  23 Thu 7:00PM Vernon Hills Glenbrook South Vernon Hil Scheduled  
  23 Thu 4:30PM Lyons Township Resurrection Lyons Town Final Lyons 22,  Resur 8
  23 Thu 7:00PM Hinsdale Central St. Ignatius Hinsdale C CANCELLED  
  23 Thu 6:00PM Stevenson Conant Stevenson Final Steve 13,  Conan 5
  23 Thu 5:00PM Montini Catholic Lake Forest Montini Ca Final Monti 9,  Lake  7
  23 Thu 6:30PM Naperville North Minooka Naperville Final Naper 24,  Minoo 1
  23 Thu 6:30PM Marist Lincoln Way Co-op Marist Hig Final Linco 11,  Maris 1
  23 Thu 7:30PM Downers Grove Co-op Benet Academy Downers Gr Scheduled  
  24 Fri 5:30PM Lovett GA New Trier Out of Sta Final New T 21,   4
  25 Sat 4:00PM Metea Valley Co-Op Eagles Co-op Metea Vall Final Metea 14,  Eagle 9
  25 Sat 12:00AM Potomac School VA Hinsdale Central Out of Sta Final Hinsd 12,   11
  25 Sat 12:00AM Holy Cross, MD Hinsdale Central Out of Sta Final  15,  Hinsd 5
  25 Sat 12:00AM Eastern KY York Out of Sta Final  11,  York  10
  25 Sat 10:30AM New Trier Mill Creek GA Out of Sta Final  9,  New T 7
  25 Sat 1:30PM Sacred Heart KY New Trier Out of Sta Final New T 17,   10
  25 Sat 2:30PM Mother McAuley Regina Dominican Brother Ri Scheduled  
  25 Sat 3:00PM Taft High School Trinity TBD Scheduled  
  25 Sat 5:30PM Minooka Bloomington TBD CANCELLED  
  25 Sat 7:00PM Bloomington Marist TBD CANCELLED  
  25 Sat 8:30PM Minooka Marist TBD Final Maris 9,  Minoo 2
  25 Sat 3:00PM Eastern HS (KY) York Eastern HS Final  11,  York  10
  26 Sun 12:00AM Georgetown Visitation DC Hinsdale Central Out of Sta Final  17,  Hinsd 5
  26 Sun 12:00AM Cathedral Catholic CA Glenbrook South Out of Sta Final  11,  Glenb 9
  26 Sun 1:00PM Kentucky Country Day School York Kentucky C Final  14,  York  12
  27 Mon 7:00PM Loyola Academy St. Ignatius Loyola Aca Final Loyol 15,  St. I 2
  27 Mon 6:15PM Nazareth Academy Whitney Young Nazareth A Scheduled  
  27 Mon 7:30PM Eagles Co-op Taft High School Sandburg H Scheduled  
  27 Mon 7:00PM Hoffman Estates Lane Tech Hoffman Es Scheduled  
  27 Mon 12:00AM Poway CA Glenbrook South Out of Sta Scheduled  
  28 Tue 6:00PM Loyola Academy Maine South Loyola Aca Scheduled  
  28 Tue 7:30PM Eagles Co-op Mother McAuley Sandburg H Scheduled  
  28 Tue 4:30PM Resurrection Northside Prep Resurrecti Scheduled  
  29 Wed 5:30PM St. Ignatius Resurrection St. Ignati Scheduled  
  29 Wed 6:30PM Maine South Taft High School Maine Sout Scheduled  
  29 Wed 5:00PM Fenwick Whitney Young Fenwick - Scheduled  
  29 Wed 5:30PM Mother McAuley Lane Tech Brother Ri Scheduled  
  30 Thu 5:00PM Lane Tech Lincoln Park Lane Tech Scheduled  
  30 Thu 4:30PM Regina Dominican Fenwick Regina - T Scheduled  
  30 Thu 7:30PM Eagles Co-op Lincoln Way Co-op Sandburg H Scheduled  
  30 Thu 5:00PM Mather Walter Payton Mather Hig Scheduled  
  31 Fri 6:00PM St. Charles Co-op Mother McAuley St. Charle Scheduled  
  31 Fri 6:30PM St. Ignatius Marist St. Ignati Scheduled  
April, 2017 (+)
Date / Time Home Visitor Location Status Score
  01 Sat 3:00PM Marian Catholic Fenwick Marian Cat Scheduled  
  01 Sat 8:00AM Resurrection Taft High School Resurrecti Scheduled  
  03 Mon 6:30PM St. Ignatius Trinity St. Ignati Scheduled  
  03 Mon 7:15PM Naperville Central Conant Naperville Scheduled  
  03 Mon 7:00PM Huntley Taft High School Huntley Hi Scheduled  
  03 Mon 5:00PM St. Viator Hoffman Estates St. Viator Scheduled  
  04 Tue 6:15PM New Trier Maine South New Trier Scheduled  
  04 Tue 6:15PM Deerfield Evanston Deerfield Scheduled  
  04 Tue 5:30PM Oak Park River Forest Glenbrook South Oak Park R Scheduled  
  04 Tue 4:30PM Regina Dominican Northside Prep Regina - T Scheduled  
  04 Tue 5:00PM Neuqua Valley Naperville Central Neuqua Val Scheduled  
  04 Tue 6:30PM Lyons Township Downers Grove Co-op Lyons Town Scheduled  
  04 Tue 7:15PM Marian Catholic Nazareth Academy Marian Cat Scheduled  
  04 Tue 5:00PM Montini Catholic Mother McAuley Montini Ca Scheduled  
  04 Tue 6:45PM Glenbrook North Highland Park Glenbrook Scheduled  
  04 Tue 5:00PM Fenwick Lane Tech Fenwick - Scheduled  
  04 Tue 6:30PM Naperville North St. Charles Co-op Naperville Scheduled  
  04 Tue 4:45PM Resurrection Whitney Young Resurrecti Scheduled  
  04 Tue 5:30PM Glenbard West Barrington Glenbard W Scheduled  
  04 Tue 4:45PM Huntley Lake Forest Huntley Hi Scheduled  
  04 Tue 6:30PM St. Viator Marist St. Viator Scheduled  
  04 Tue 5:00PM Mather Lincoln Park Winnemac P Scheduled  
  05 Wed 5:00PM Deerfield Libertyville Deerfield Scheduled  
  05 Wed 7:00PM Vernon Hills Maine South Vernon Hil Scheduled  
  05 Wed 5:30PM Hinsdale Central Oak Park River Forest Hinsdale C Scheduled  
  05 Wed 5:00PM Montini Catholic Trinity Montini Ca Scheduled  
  05 Wed 6:15PM Wheaton United Co-op Metea Valley Co-Op Sandburg H Scheduled  
  05 Wed 7:00PM St. Francis Schaumburg St. Franci Scheduled  
  05 Wed 4:30PM Resurrection Carmel Resurrecti Scheduled  
  06 Thu 7:15PM Barrington Fremd Barrington Scheduled  
  06 Thu 6:15PM Glenbrook South New Trier Glenbrook Scheduled  
  06 Thu 5:00PM Lane Tech Whitney Young Lane Tech Scheduled  
  06 Thu 5:00PM Northside Prep Mather Northside Scheduled  
  06 Thu 4:30PM Regina Dominican Taft High School Regina - T Scheduled  
  06 Thu 7:00PM Marian Catholic Eagles Co-op Marian Cat Scheduled  
  06 Thu 6:15PM Nazareth Academy Minooka Nazareth A Scheduled  
  06 Thu 6:15PM Wheaton United Co-op St. Charles Co-op Sandburg H Scheduled  
  06 Thu 6:00PM Palatine Schaumburg Palatine H Scheduled  
  06 Thu 7:15PM Conant Hoffman Estates Conant Hig Scheduled  
  06 Thu 5:00PM Mother McAuley Resurrection Brother Ri Scheduled  
  06 Thu 4:30PM Lake Forest Academy Lake Forest Lake Fores Scheduled  
  07 Fri 7:15PM Barrington Palatine Barrington Scheduled  
  07 Fri 6:30PM St. Ignatius Fenwick St. Ignati Scheduled  
  07 Fri 7:30PM York Lyons Township York High Scheduled  
  07 Fri 6:30PM Glenbrook North Stevenson Glenbrook Scheduled  
  07 Fri 7:00PM St. Francis Neuqua Valley St. Franci Scheduled  
  07 Fri 6:30PM St. Viator Huntley St. Viator Scheduled  
  07 Fri 7:00PM Lincoln Way Co-op Naperville Central Lincoln Wa Scheduled  
  08 Sat 2:00PM Oak Park River Forest Glenbard West Oak Park R Scheduled  
  08 Sat 1:00PM Vernon Hills Schaumburg Vernon Hil Scheduled  
  08 Sat 12:30PM Lyons Township Libertyville Lyons Town Scheduled  
  08 Sat 4:00PM Benet Academy Carmel Benet Acad Scheduled  
  08 Sat 5:00PM Eagles Co-op Montini Catholic Sandburg H Scheduled  
  08 Sat 3:00PM Fremd Evanston Fremd High Scheduled  
  08 Sat 5:00PM Fenwick Lake Forest Fenwick - Scheduled  
  08 Sat 2:00PM Naperville North New Trier Naperville Scheduled  
  08 Sat 3:00PM Naperville Central Wheaton United Co-op Naperville Scheduled  
  08 Sat 4:00PM Lake Forest Academy Culver Academy IN Lake Fores Scheduled  
  10 Mon 7:00PM Glenbrook South Montini Catholic Glenbrook Scheduled  
  10 Mon 6:00PM St. Charles Co-op Metea Valley Co-Op St. Charle Scheduled  
  10 Mon 7:00PM Naperville Central Trinity Naperville Scheduled  
  10 Mon 6:00PM Glenbard West Benet Academy Glenbard W Scheduled  
  10 Mon 6:00PM St. Viator Conant St. Viator Scheduled  
  11 Tue 5:00PM Evanston Palatine Evanston H Scheduled  
  11 Tue 5:00PM Neuqua Valley Naperville North Neuqua Val Scheduled  
  11 Tue 7:30PM Lyons Township St. Ignatius Lyons Town Scheduled  
  11 Tue 6:15PM Wheaton United Co-op Fenwick Sandburg H Scheduled  
  11 Tue 6:15PM Mother McAuley Downers Grove Co-op Brother Ri Scheduled  
  11 Tue 4:30PM Minooka Mother McAuley TBD Scheduled  
  11 Tue 7:30PM Carmel Marist Carmel Hig Scheduled  
  11 Tue 6:30PM St. Viator Marian Catholic St. Viator Scheduled  
  12 Wed 7:00PM New Trier Montini Catholic New Trier Scheduled  
  12 Wed 6:30PM Evanston Glenbrook South Evanston H Scheduled  
  12 Wed 6:00PM St. Charles Co-op Glenbard West St. Charle Scheduled  
  12 Wed 5:30PM Benet Academy Nazareth Academy Benet Acad Scheduled  
  12 Wed 6:30PM Palatine Huntley Palatine H Scheduled  
  12 Wed 7:30PM York Oak Park River Forest York High Scheduled  
  12 Wed 7:00PM Naperville Central St. Francis Naperville Scheduled  
  12 Wed 7:00PM Carmel Stevenson Carmel Hig Scheduled  
  12 Wed 4:30PM Resurrection Trinity Resurrecti Scheduled  
  12 Wed 7:00PM Lincoln Way Co-op Marian Catholic Lincoln Wa Scheduled  
  13 Thu 5:30PM Vernon Hills Highland Park Vernon Hil Scheduled  
  13 Thu 7:00PM Lyons Township Maine South Lyons Town Scheduled  
  13 Thu 6:15PM Wheaton United Co-op Neuqua Valley Sandburg H Scheduled  
  13 Thu 7:00PM Fremd Hoffman Estates Fremd High Scheduled  
  13 Thu 7:15PM Schaumburg Conant Schaumburg Scheduled  
  13 Thu 7:00PM Downers Grove Co-op Minooka TBD Scheduled  
  13 Thu 6:00PM Lincoln Way Co-op Lake Forest Lincoln Wa Scheduled  
  13 Thu 7:30PM Metea Valley Co-Op St. Francis Waubonsie Scheduled  
  15 Sat 12:00PM Barrington Glenbrook North Barrington Scheduled  
  15 Sat 2:00PM Eagles Co-op Schaumburg Schaumburg Scheduled  
  15 Sat 11:15AM Conant Metea Valley Co-Op Conant Hig Scheduled  
  15 Sat 10:00AM Minooka Huntley Minooka - Scheduled  
  15 Sat 11:30PM Naperville North Lyons Township Naperville Scheduled  
  17 Mon 6:15PM New Trier Glenbrook North New Trier Scheduled  
  17 Mon 6:15PM Oak Park River Forest Lane Tech Oak Park R Scheduled  
  17 Mon 7:00PM Vernon Hills Mundelein Vernon Hil Scheduled  
  17 Mon 6:30PM Palatine York Palatine H Scheduled  
  17 Mon 7:15PM Schaumburg Stevenson Schaumburg Scheduled  
  17 Mon 5:30PM Maine South Deerfield Maine Sout Scheduled  
  17 Mon 7:00PM St. Francis Naperville North St. Franci Scheduled  
  17 Mon 4:30PM Resurrection Wheaton United Co-op Resurrecti Scheduled  
  17 Mon 6:30PM Glenbard West St. Viator Glenbard W Scheduled  
  17 Mon 7:00PM Lincoln Way Co-op Eagles Co-op Lincoln Wa Scheduled  
  18 Tue 4:45PM Deerfield Glenbrook South Deerfield Scheduled  
  18 Tue 5:00PM Northside Prep Whitney Young Northside Scheduled  
  18 Tue 4:30PM Regina Dominican Trinity Regina - T Scheduled  
  18 Tue 6:00PM St. Charles Co-op Neuqua Valley St Charles Scheduled  
  18 Tue 6:15PM Marist Marian Catholic Marist Hig Scheduled  
  18 Tue 7:00PM Carmel Vernon Hills Carmel Hig Scheduled  
  18 Tue 4:30PM Lake Forest Academy Resurrection Lake Fores Scheduled  
  18 Tue 6:30PM St. Viator Benet Academy St. Viator Scheduled  
  19 Wed 7:15PM Barrington Schaumburg Barrington Scheduled  
  19 Wed 6:30PM Evanston New Trier Evanston H Scheduled  
  19 Wed 4:45PM Highland Park Maine South Highland P Scheduled  
  19 Wed 7:30PM Eagles Co-op Downers Grove Co-op Sandburg H Scheduled  
  19 Wed 5:30PM St. Francis Resurrection St. Franci Scheduled  
  19 Wed 5:00PM Fenwick Benet Academy Fenwick - Scheduled  
  19 Wed 4:30PM Taft High School Mather TBD Scheduled  
  19 Wed 5:30PM Naperville Central Naperville North TBD Scheduled  
  19 Wed 6:30PM Marist Lane Tech Marist Hig Scheduled  
  19 Wed 4:30PM Lake Forest Academy Trinity Lake Fores Scheduled  
  19 Wed 6:00PM Glenbard West Hinsdale Central Glenbard W Scheduled  
  20 Thu 7:00PM Glenbrook South York Glenbrook Scheduled  
  20 Thu 5:00PM Northside Prep Warren Northside Scheduled  
  20 Thu 7:30PM Lyons Township Oak Park River Forest Lyons Town Scheduled  
  20 Thu 7:30PM Marian Catholic Neuqua Valley Marian Cat Scheduled  
  20 Thu 6:00PM Palatine Hoffman Estates Palatine H Scheduled  
  20 Thu 5:30PM Glenbrook North Vernon Hills Glenbrook Scheduled  
  20 Thu 7:15PM Conant Fremd Conant Hig Scheduled  
  20 Thu 5:00PM Minooka Lincoln Way Co-op Minooka - Scheduled  
  20 Thu 7:00PM St. Francis Wheaton United Co-op St. Franci Scheduled  
  20 Thu 4:30PM Resurrection Fenwick Resurrecti Scheduled  
  20 Thu 7:30PM Downers Grove Co-op Montini Catholic Downers Gr Scheduled  
  21 Fri 5:00PM Northside Prep Highland Park Northside Scheduled  
  21 Fri 5:30PM Hinsdale Central New Trier Hinsdale C Scheduled  
  21 Fri 6:00PM St. Charles Co-op Palatine St Charles Scheduled  
  21 Fri 7:00PM Metea Valley Co-Op Naperville North Metea Vall Scheduled  
  21 Fri 6:15PM Naperville Central Schaumburg TBD Scheduled  
  21 Fri 4:30PM Lake Forest Academy Mundelein Lake Fores Scheduled  
  21 Fri 6:00PM Glenbard West Downers Grove Co-op Glenbard W Scheduled  
  21 Fri 5:30PM St. Viator Lake Zurich St. Viator Scheduled  
  22 Sat 10:00AM Highland Park Lake Forest Academy Highland P Scheduled  
May, 2017 (+)
Date / Time Home Visitor Location Status Score
  02 Tue 5:30PM Lyons Township Fenwick Lyons Town Scheduled  
  03 Wed 6:15PM Glenbrook South Maine South Glenbrook Scheduled  
  03 Wed 5:00PM Glenbrook North Deerfield Glenbrook Scheduled  
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