IHSA Opens Bid for State Lacrosse Championships.

The IHSA set the dates for the state championships in lacrosse for the next five years on Memorial Day weekend. The series will take place from Thursday to Saturday of that weekend. In a departure from past practices, the boys will play their semifinal game on that Thursday and the girls will play their semifinal on Friday. The consolation games will begin the next day on Saturday afternoon while the championships will kick of Saturday evening, all at the same venue.

Bids for the series are due by May 1, 2017 and details are found at www.ihsa.org. The venue needs to accommodate at 3000 fans, have wireless equipped press box, two dressing rooms and one training room, a site security plan, 20 complimentary close access parking spaces for IHSA personnel, hospitality meal service for at least 25 persons and other items.

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