Points of Emphasis for the 2017 Season - Rules 10 (1.(e)) and 10 (1.(f)) - Dangerous Propelling and Dangerous Follow Through.

Every season the Rules Committee decides on implementing rule changes and also decides in any particular aspects of officiating need to be emphasized. For 2017, the dangerous propelling (10 1.f ) and dangerous follow through (10 1.e) rules are to be emphasized. The basis for any annual points of emphasis, and the rules in general, is the safety of all the players. The officials are charged with maintaining a safe game, not to "let them play." Fans should understand this.

Dangerous follow through occurs when a ball carrier shoots/passes in a dangerous or uncontrolled manner. To understand the rule better, in one instance, one must think if the defender(s) have established a legal defensive position. As an example, often the 8 close to the goal circle is inhabited by a pack (or gaggle) of offense and defense players, and some attackers will curl in an arc in the 8 from one post to the other post, spin and jump in an attempt to shoot over the crowd. The follow through must be judged and if it is such that it appears uncontrolled, the foul must be called and a card administered. Remember, coaches, that as in a slash, contact does not have to occur for this card to be given. Sidearm shots threading through a congested 8, is also likely to be considered dangerous follow through, as will a stop in the 8 and blind shot off a pivot. Any shooter should keep this in mind and aim to shoot around a group (or player) with her crosse not coming near the player(s) head or body.

Dangerous propelling involves moving the ball in a dangerous or uncontrolled manner without any regard to the positioning of any other field player. How does this differ from follow through, you may ask? Consider the following: (a) ball behind the goal is fed into the eight where a cutter positioned 3 feet off the goal circle, catches it and quick sticks it into the net; and, (b) ball behind the goal is fed into the 8, two or three players are 3 feet off the circle in the 8 and a cutter comes into 8 and 9 feet off the goal circle, bats wildly at the ball toward the net. In (b) the batting motion is uncontrolled (its neither a catch or a proper "quickstick" as in (a)) and the batting is done regardless of the presence of the 2-3 players around the goal circle. Although this example is in a shooting context, keep in mind that dangerous propelling is not limited to shooting, but is a reckless pass/shot/flick at a player anywhere on the field.

Proper controlled shooting technique and placement of the ball will not only avoid these fouls, but also increase the likelihood of scoring. You don`t want to risk two yellow cards in a game, as you will be out for the rest of that game.

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